Angelo Valera Ribbons

Located in Concorezzo, near Milan, for more than 50 years, Angelo Valera Ribbons has been producing ribbons for many varied applications. To adapt to an increasingly demanding and competitive market, the company has expanded and diversified its production, dedicating time and resources to the search for new products and materials.


With the expansion of production arose the need to adequately present their articles, following current trends and concepts.


About Us

Thanks to a young and innovative philosophy, ANGELO VALERA RIBBONS has, over time, acquired and consolidated an excellent relationship of trust and consideration with its customers. Production and strategic choices, constant technical updates, both in the factory and in production processes, have allowed us to improve, qualify, and differentiate production. The company has long devoted many resources to experimentation and research, creating products that are always new and contemporary, adapting and supporting the continuously changing demands of a market strongly influenced by fashion and trends.


Productive and communicational strategies, aimed at positioning our brand in the textile accessories market and strengthening the company's identity, have allowed us to grasp new and interesting opportunities among the numerous challenges presented by conducting business in foreign countries.

Our History

For over 50 years ANGELO VALERA has been manufacturing ribbons for haberdashery, packaging, leather goods, sporting goods, and industrial applications. Established in 1951, it began its activity with shuttle looms, exclusively producing grosgrain ribbons in various colors and widths. With the experience accumulated over the years, the company has grown and, thanks to the improvements and automation in production processes, has renewed and expanded the range of products it produces: light, heavy, canvas, herringbone, satin, tubular, and striped ribbons , in natural, artificial, and synthetic fibers. Over time, the company has been able to count on the innovative contribution of children and grandchildren who have aided significantly in the company's technological and structural evolution.


The constant commitment and ongoing research, allow us to produce, and continuously offer, new products and to quickly fulfill the most varied requests.



Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, ANGELO VALERA has always paid close attention to its production processes. It scrupulously dedicates particular attention to production, selecting and using materials produced by qualified suppliers and applying checks and balances during each production stage. The company, which is constantly looking for "Total Quality", has always been committed to pursuing the customer's maximum satisfaction, offering them a "tailor-made" service and applying a high creative and technological value to the entire production process. Particular attention is given to packaging and shipping, taking into account practicality and aesthetics and using only ecological products.


The company has always been very sensitive to issues related to the environment and quality of life, buying and using only products that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-harmful to your health.



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